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How do bloggers make money?

Ways to make money on web log are many, but let us start with the most useful, Google AdSense.

Brilliant inventions, which shook the Internet some years. Don’t fear that statement ,it is a supper-passive way of making money.

For example, if you write about your lovely dog ,that announcement will appear in the theme as some thing like this:about dog food , about puppies,posters with dogs and e.t.c. If you write about traveling in Europe ,that robot will find and start showing advertisements about discounts on air tickets or the prices for hotels ,well and so on.

Topics in English advertisements appear wonderful while the ones in Russian usually not so charming .Now do you know why?

It is because it is not as many Russian companies and individuals pay for those advertisements.

That is why there are problems with work. Sadly the client won’t find the appropriate advertisement

in Russian language, so as to work on your b log or site. In that case it is necessary to fill -up ,here the client will use what is present. That is also the same as when people make an order in a restaurant of a good cutlet-chop, would you bring to them a carrot mash as an alternative?.

But nothing, Russian Internet is developing very fast . Such is the way of doing things in Russian. If one of my readers came late ,now is the time to make up for the missed at the right time in the right place . You can use the following forms so as to ask us some questions , we we try as fast as possible to respond.

Author: Marina Smaily How do bloggers make money?