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How much do you plan to invest in your advertisement campaign?

In now-a-days the Internet industry grows every day and number of users who surf the web is increasing from day to day. Newspapers and magazines are publishing articles that describe stories about successful entrepreneurs who earned millions of dollars and even baby sitters do their business through the Internet.

However do you know that most of the sites in the Internet do not make any essential profit? Yes. This is true. I am working in web development area since 2001 and saw projects that didn’t make money for their owners because they haven’t found their successful advertisement strategy. Someone thinks that once they created a web site the visitors will found their services without additional efforts but this is not true. Truth is that the marketing campaign should be careful planned and successful entrepreneurs should plan to invest at least the same amount into advertisement as into the web development. This means that if your site costs 10 000 USD, you should plan to spend the same amount into advertisement in order to make your project successful. I know one businessmap who spends approx several thousands dollars each month into Google Adwords in order to promote his website and makes several times more in profit. Unfortunately there is no universal formula or "silver bullet" that allows to create every project successful, however using our experience we can create for you individual advertisement plan which will allow to make your site more successful and better visible for your potential customers. So if you are interested, please drop me a line and send your project description using this link and we will prepare for you the advertisement plan for free (sorry, but this is a limited time offer).

Author: Kostyantyn Bilous